OTA updates made slick and simple for everyone!

Main Features

Exclusive Drag & Drop 

ElegantOTA Pro comes with exclusive Drag & Drop zone which accepts firmware/filesystem update files. You can simply drag your update file from your folder and drop it on the zone to start the update process.

Disable OTA Modes 

Sometimes you have requirement to only allow firmware or filesystem updates ( or you may want to disable both modes while something important is going on ). ElegantOTA Pro has built-in mechanism to do this and changes are visible in the portal itself.

Hardware ID & Firmware Version

It can be hard to manage a fleet of devices on your network running the same ElegantOTA portal therefore, with Pro version you get access to Hardware ID and Firmware Version fields to easily identify & manage your devices.


Branding (Logo) 

Want to replace with your own logo in ElegantOTA? ElegantOTA Pro lets you do that. You can also change the width and height of the logo without even touching HTML or CSS.

Portal Title

The library comes straightway with a simple setTitle function to change the title of your portal.

Optimized UI

A new optimized UI utilizing vanilla JS. It's faster, more responsive and has a size of only 9KB.

Free Lifetime Updates

Free lifetime updates are part of your package! As new features roll out, you can update it anytime to the latest version without any extra cost.


one-time charge / unlimited devices per lincensee

Drag & Drop Zone
Toggle OTA Modes
Hardware ID & Firmware Version
Branding (Logo)
Custom Title
Webpage Source
SCL-1.0 ( SOFTT Commercial License )
Lifetime Updates

ElegantOTA Pro currently supports ESP8266, ESP32 & RP2040 (Pico W). More platforms will be added in the future.

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